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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Hindu News - 'Chhath' puja above religion for a Muslim family

Maksood Alam and his wife Sobra Khatoon are devout Muslims but are no less faithful in observing 'Chhath', a Hindu festival dedicated to the Sun god, beginning tomorrow.

"We both observed Chhath puja last year. This year only my wife is fasting," 42-year-old Alam said while overseeing the preparation at his residence at Dhaiya Khatal under Sadar police station with 'Kharna' (a ritual) being observed today.

Maksood, who is originally from Ara district of Bihar and settled here several years ago, had decided to observe Chhath on the advice of his neighbour in the hope of recovery of his daughter afflicted with a disease for long.

"After performing Chhath puja last year, my daughter began recovering miraculously and within five months she recovered fully. What many doctors could not do, Chhath Puja did," said Maksood, who offers namaz regularly, five times every day.

Maksood, father of two daughters and one son, said his family sought help from neighboring Hindu families on how to maintain the sanctity of the Puja.

The Chhath festival, observed in a water body, begins with the puja of the setting sun tomorrow and will end after paying obeisance to the rising sun the day after.

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